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Low cost, high quality phone calls

we use only British Telecom -
you pay a fraction of the price but get BT quality
Call the world from as little as 5p!



How to make calls

It's easy to use -  select the country you wish to call from the list below, dial the access number shown, wait for our prompt, then dial the number you wish to call.
You don't need to register or prepay and you can use it straight away from any phone.
Destinations Our Price BT's Price
Dial the access number that's shown below after you've selected your country from the list above, then enter the number you want to call:

Our prices may not be the cheapest around (though in many cases they are!) but our quality is the best.
So even if you have found a cheaper supplier, take a note of our access numbers
and when your other supplier doesn't work - remember us!

* Calls to our service will be at the rate published above, plus your service provider's Access Charge.
If you are in any doubt, please contact your service provider for further information.
* Rates shown include VAT and are normally charged in one second increments by your phone provider.
* If the country you want to call doesn't have a separate entry for mobiles then it's the same price (and access code) as the main country.
* These prices are correct as of 08/07/2009 but we reserve the right to change the rates at any time without notice - you won't be charged more for your call without knowing it though; if a rate did increase there would be a recorded message letting you know the new rate and access number.
* All comparisons against BT rates are from the BT Price List on 09/02/2006 and are against BT Together's daytime rate unless otherwise stated. Whilst best endeavors have been made to ensure that these comparisons are accurate, we cannot guarantee it.

Contact us

If you have any questions at all regarding our service, please  contact us - we're here to help!
E-mail us at support@it-always-works.com or leave a message for us on 0845 004 2020 and we'll get back to you! Calls to 0845 004 2020 will be charged at 5p per minute plus your service provider's Access Charge.